Letters from Yankho Chembe village

Hi Agogo Najere,

I would like to answer the question whether we used all the money you sent for the teachers’
salaries alone. The answer is no. We took the liberty to use some of the money to purchase children’s play things like; crayons, jigsaw puzzles, toys, chalk, children football and other small things. I would also like to remind you, as part of an answer to the question of who usually pay the teachers’ salary, that we are farmers. In times of good rains, we are secure in terms of a number of small things and the teachers’ salaries. The problem is that this year we have faced a very big drought. That is why we sounded the SOS. I checked the link that you referred me to about The Funcky Cinclids. Sure there is a number of charity organizations in Chembe some of which are listed under that column. But there is a difference amongst We have local organizations which are established and run by the locals, such as ours. And there are those established by the white business community, like the ones you saw on the web page. These organizations have different ideologies. They have different exposure as well. The white run organizations work hand in hand while those run by the locals also work in their own group. We cannot enjoy the same privileges as our moneyed friends. 

Yankho as a charitable organization aims to uplift the life of the whole child so as to make them real future citizens. We aim to do this through education. Check all these others if they can boost of promoting children in primary or secondary school. We want the child to come out whole and promote others if possible. We wish to make an orphan forget about their orphan hood. We want them to live normal lives. Enjoy whatever privileges their counterparts enjoy. We want them to go to schools they wouldn’t manage to go. That is our dream. So, our not appearing on the web page does not mean we are bogus. Please, assure our benefactors that we are legitimate. We work with the whole community and are accepted as representing the whole village as well. You may give them your word as well basing on what you saw here.

Thanks. Yours sincerely,  Ian Bande.